& Quality

We stay focused

While focusing on innovation, design and development, we stay focused. We have perfected the complex shaped, wide varying and heavy weighted Green Tire Painting (Mold Release Spraying), automated the Fabric Cutting, robotized its Splicing and brought the dry ice tire mold cleaning online to the press.

We listen

We listen to the customers, team-work with production and maintenance engineers, run our own design office. While deploying the deep-rooted expertise and experience accumulated over the years of close collaboration with the tire manufacturing plants, we develop unique solutions perfectly matching distinct specifications of each customer, each plant, and each department. 

We deploy own resources

We operate our own mechanical fabrication plant, make our own switchgear and code specific PLC software and robotic programs. We cooperate with other tire industry-centric suppliers in the region well recognized for its tire and rubber dominance. 

We test

We prototype. We run trials. We assemble and dry and wet factory-test before shipping.  

We working end-to-end

As the entirely global supplier, we ship the machines from our own manufacturing plant in Otrokovice, Czech Republic to the tire makers in Europe and overseas. 

The turnkey installation and commissioning are always supported by our own engineering team. 

Quality is non-negotiable

As the ISO 9001 certified business, we always stand behind our robustly built machines, providing generous warranty and after-sales support. We don’t shy away from traveling. We consider online support essential.

Our machine consisted of components from industrial leader as Siemens, Sick, Fanuc, SMC, etc.