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Own Custom Design Machines

While being loyal to our original mission to develop prototype machines and equipment for the tire industry, we innovate, collaborate with our Customers’ plant technical teams, trial test, and introduce new solutions. We thought stay focused. Our mainstream is the niche — the complex shaped, wide varying, and heavy-weighted OHT tires for which we have to offer:

Robotic machines


The system of robotic machines and logistic routes is customizable according to plant requirements of power, sizes, and cycle time. We stand proudly for our manipulation system for different sizes and types of tires. Our spraying machines may be fully integrated into the factory ICT or may work independently. We design a semi-automatic or fully automated system.

Robotic machines


On request, we will design the machine consisting of let-off and wind-up stations, incl. robotic splicing. Our machines stand out fully automatic adjusting cutting angles, widths, and gauges of material in great range. The cutter is non-stop supplied with material thanks to the management of machine accumulators. High accuracy is ensured by automatic material centering and camera systems.

Robotic machines


An integral part of our machines is accurate robotic manipulation. We stand up the manipulation range from small electronic parts to large products in hundreds of kilos. To reach the best results, we design own grippers to ensure a firm and secure grip. Precise machine vision allows positioning and manipulation with almost any product.

Robotic machines


We fully understand the importance keep tire molds in excellent condition. We reach this by using the extreme temperature difference, i.e. preheating mold to high temperature and its local cool-down by dry ice blaster. The transport of preheated mold from the press is complicated. Therefore, we also designed, except for the static station, mobile cars with robots that are easily moveable between presses to avoid complications with preheated mold transport. A unique measuring system ensures automatic robot centering in the tire mold to start the cleaning cycle with an emphasis on resulting quality.

Are you looking for more general automation?

Try our sister company VERSTA, s.r.o., which designs customized robotic machines out of the tire industry.

Complementary machinery

In addition to our primary focus, we like to devote specific customer needs to ensure a full-service. It includes complementary machinery such as Tire repair presses, Final Finish & Inspection tooling, all sorts of transport carts, cassettes and trolleys, motorized and freerolling for body ply, breaker belt supply, etc. If you are looking for a trustworthy and loyal partner, do not be hesitate to contact us.

Complementary machinery

Final Inspection Tool

The machine is used for the final inspection of tires concerning the wide range of 13”–54”. The machine runs in two modes – Trimming and Inspection.  The trimming mode rotates the tire at a higher speed and the operator can trim the waste overflowed from molds. The inspection mode uses the slow rotation speed and the operator can control the quality of the final tire. The found imperfections can be marked by the operator and repaired on the Tire Repair Press machine. The machine is equipped with bright lights for highlighting the tire details. The Final Inspection Tool can be delivered as the stationary station or as part of the forklift truck in the mobile variant.

Complementary machinery

Tire Repair Press

The machine is designed for repairing the beads and sidewalls of the tires in a range of 13”–54”. The repair cycle takes several minutes including the tire places to the pressing mechanism. It is possible thanks to the moveable roller and lifting mechanism operated by a user. The comfortable positioning of the damaged tire segment is ensured by rotating the support cylinders.

Complementary machinery

Penta & Hexa Bead Wire Assembly

The machines consist of a roller unit and a complexing device. The roller unit feds the rubber belt into the complexing device where the bundle of bead wire is inserted. The complexing device covers the bead bundle with a rubber belt and it makes quickly the semi-finished product for tire production. The bead bundle can be prepared by our robots to increase the cycle time.

Complementary machinery

Slitters & Wind-up unit

The Prozax offers a wide range of machines for different stages of tire production. The slitters & wind-up units are one of them. The slitters can cut the fabric belt basically into 2–8 longitudinal strips that are wind to the cassettes. The fabric strips may be interlaced by liner according to technical requirements. The belts are automatically centered by the machine control system.

Complementary machinery

Transport Cassettes

During tire production, the rubber or plastic belts are many times wind up and unwind. Also, these must be stored and transported between the different machines. The suitable way is to use the cassettes with the liner wind-up possibility. Our transport cassettes can be designed according to customer requirements to fit almost all types of machines that are used.

Complementary machinery

Conveyor system

An important part of tire logistics is the conveyor system. Our conveyor system may be fully automatic, i.e. lifters, hinge conveyor parts, carousels, etc. It also consists of machine vision cameras, RIFD & Barcode scanning, counters, and full connections to plant ICT for product management purposes. The type of conveyor system is always selected thoroughly based on the type of transported products.

Complementary machinery

Mechanical & Spare Parts

To provide the complex service to our customers, we are prepared to manufacture spare parts for their machinery. We are commonly able to machine according to foreign documentation to fulfill the EU standards. We produce also shape-complicated parts such as mold segments and complex mechanisms or clamping devices.