Robotic Machines

fully automatic
steel & fabric cutting

With Robotic Splicing

On request, we will design the machine consisting of let-off and wind-up stations, incl. robotic splicing. Our machines stand out fully automatic adjusting cutting angles, widths, and gauges of material in great range. The cutter is non-stop supplied with material thanks to the management of machine accumulators. High accuracy is ensured by automatic material centering and camera systems.

Typical specification

Cutting specification

  • Fabric and steel cutting
  • Automated adjustable 18–90° cutting angle
  • Different material gauge

Cycle time

  • Multiple let-off and wind-up station
  • Multiple robotic ply station
  • Bidirectional cutting
  • Belt complexing 

Robotic splicing

  • Radial and Bias ply and breakers, Off Highway (Ag, Ind, OTR), TBR, PCR, M/C
  • Fanuc iRVision Assisted Robotized splicing
  • Increasing workforce and work floor safety by multilayer electronic fencing and scanning