Robotic Machines

Robotic Dry Ice Tire Mold Cleaning

We fully understand the importance keep tire molds in excellent condition. We reach this by using the extreme temperature difference, i.e. preheating mold to high temperature and its local cool-down by dry ice blaster. The transport of preheated mold from the press is complicated. Therefore, we also designed, except for the static station, mobile cars with robots that are easily moveable between presses to avoid complications with preheated mold transport. A unique measuring system ensures automatic robot centering in the tire mold to start the cleaning cycle with an emphasis on resulting quality.

Typical specification

Machine type

  • Robotic Online (in curing press)
  • Static station

Mold sizes

  • 13–24” tires sizes
  • Summer & Winter tire molds
  • Tread segments & upper sidewall
  • Lower sidewall

Dry ice

  • 30 kg hopper capacity
  • 60 kg/h average dry ice consumption
  • 4+ bar blasting pressure (4–12 bars)
    (continuously adjustable 1–6.5 cbm/min airflow rate)
  • Noise shield
  • High effectivity

Machine vision

  • Automatic fine positioning
  • Automatic cleaning cycles according to barcodes