Robotic Machines

Robotic Manipulation

An integral part of our machines is accurate robotic manipulation. We stand up the manipulation range from small electronic parts to large products in hundreds of kilos. To reach the best results, we design own grippers to ensure a firm and secure grip. Precise machine vision allows positioning and manipulation with almost any product.
Typical specification


  • Bead Wire Tape Wrap
  • Palletization
  • Pick & Place
  • Parts Inspection
  • Robotic Machining

Machines equipment

  • Designed own grippers (manipulation with rubber, plastics, metals, fabrics, etc.)
  • Automatic changing function of grippers
  • RFID or Barcode scanning
  • Automatic inspection of sizes and position

Factory ICT

  • Full integrated in factory ICT, product management, SQL interface

Support & Service

  • Remote secure connection assistance & servicing
  • Advance reporting:  system logs, cycle time control, process optimization