Own Custom Design Machines

While being loyal to our original mission to develop prototype machines and equipment for the tire industry, we innovate, collaborate with our Customers’ plant technical teams, trial test, and introduce new solutions. We thought stay focused. Our mainstream is the niche — the complex shaped, wide varying, and heavy-weighted OHT tires for which we have to offer:

Robotic Green Tires Painting (Mold Release Spraying)

The system of robotic machines and logistic routes is customizable according to plant requirements of power, sizes, and cycle time. We stand proudly for our manipulation system for different sizes and types of tires. Our spraying machines may be fully integrated into the factory ICT or may work independently. We design a semi-automatic or fully automated system.

Typical specification


  • Agricultural, Industrial, OTR Tires, PCR, TBR, Bias and Radial, Self- & non-self supporting
  • up to 650 kgs Green Tire, Load Capacity Higher loads optional (gantry handling)
  • 8—54” bead diameter
  • 2,000 mm overall diameter
    2,200 mm width of green tire


  • Multiple inside and outside paint formulas

Machine vision

  • RFID or Barcode aided
  • Automatic barcode scanning

Factory ICT

  • Full integrated in factory ICT, product management, SQL interface

Support & Service

  • Remote secure connection assistance & servicing
  • Advance reporting:  system logs, cycle time control, process optimization

Fully Automatic Steel & Fabric Cutting with Robotic Splicing

On request, we will design the machine consisting of let-off and wind-up stations, incl. robotic splicing. Our machines stand out fully automatic adjusting cutting angles, widths, and gauges of material in great range. The cutter is non-stop supplied with material thanks to the management of machine accumulators. High accuracy is ensured by automatic material centering and camera systems.

Typical specification

Cutting specification

  • Fabric and steel cutting
  • Automated adjustable 18–90° cutting angle
  • Different material gauge

Cycle time

  • Multiple let-off and wind-up station
  • Multiple robotic ply station
  • Bidirectional cutting
  • Belt complexing 

Robotic splicing

  • Radial and Bias ply and breakers, Off Highway (Ag, Ind, OTR), TBR, PCR, M/C
  • Fanuc iRVision Assisted Robotized splicing
  • Increasing workforce and work floor safety by multilayer electronic fencing and scanning

Robotic manipulation

An integral part of our machines is accurate robotic manipulation. We stand up the manipulation range from small electronic parts to large products in hundreds of kilos. To reach the best results, we design own grippers to ensure a firm and secure grip. Precise machine vision allows positioning and manipulation with almost any product.
Typical specification


  • Bead Wire Tape Wrap
  • Palletization
  • Pick & Place
  • Parts Inspection
  • Robotic Machining

Machines equipment

  • Designed own grippers (manipulation with rubber, plastics, metals, fabrics, etc.)
  • Automatic changing function of grippers
  • RFID or Barcode scanning
  • Automatic inspection of sizes and position

Factory ICT

  • Full integrated in factory ICT, product management, SQL interface

Support & Service

  • Remote secure connection assistance & servicing
  • Advance reporting:  system logs, cycle time control, process optimization

Robotic Dry Ice Tire Mold Cleaning

We fully understand the importance keep tire molds in excellent condition. We reach this by using the extreme temperature difference, i.e. preheating mold to high temperature and its local cool-down by dry ice blaster. The transport of preheated mold from the press is complicated. Therefore, we also designed, except for the static station, mobile cars with robots that are easily moveable between presses to avoid complications with preheated mold transport. A unique measuring system ensures automatic robot centering in the tire mold to start the cleaning cycle with an emphasis on resulting quality.

Typical specification

Machine type

  • Robotic Online (in curing press)
  • Static station

Mold sizes

  • 13–24” tires sizes
  • Summer & Winter tire molds
  • Tread segments & upper sidewall
  • Lower sidewall

Dry ice

  • 30 kg hopper capacity
  • 60 kg/h average dry ice consumption
  • 4+ bar blasting pressure (4–12 bars)
    (continuously adjustable 1–6.5 cbm/min airflow rate)
  • Noise shield
  • High effectivity

Machine vision

  • Automatic fine positioning
  • Automatic cleaning cycles according to barcodes

Did not choose from offering?

Feel free to contact us and we will design a customized machine. It is a lot to share…
Are you looking for more general automation? Try our sister company VERSTA, s.r.o., which designs customized robotic machines out of the tire industry.